Key words to be elaborated:

(PS. - Update Aug. 2016 - The below indications covers both the Content Management focus of this "main" community, AND the coming distribution maintenance community. This list will be re-organised and some of these topics will be split/moved accordingly "soon". Leaving them here for now "FYI", as we are not yet ready with establishing the new CMX site. Ref. the information on the About page about this.)

  • Bounty Management
  • Content Management Strategy Planning - #CoMaSP
  • One-to-many communication - #CoMaSP
  • Professional blog(ging) - #CoMaSP
  • Global network > 150 people needs special tools - #CoMaSP
  • Countries around the globe needs transparency tools - #CoMaSP
  • Country-level CoMaSP - #CoMaSP
  • Multi-lingual / Bi-lingual web sites WITH moderation AND revisioning, including taxonomy terms revisions WORKFLOW..?!! - #CoMaSP
  • Taxonomy curation - #CoMaSP
  • Multi-factor authentication across many webservices
  • CMS deployment automation
  • CMS maturity and timewise naivity - #CoMaSP
  • Content is King; time to get the King crowned... - #CoMaSP
  • Budgets, Security, Competence and Long-Term-Strategy - #CoMaSP
  • WebRTC and Firefox OS for mobile affect CMS perspectives - #CoMaSP
  • CMS Performance Benchmarking Community - #CoMaSP
  • CMS Testing Collaborative
  • Reap what we have sowed before revamping the field(s) - #CoMaSP
  • Selective database synchronisation for multi-site, MySQL, etc.
  • Dialogue curation solution(s) - #CoMaSP
  • Contributors Hall-of-Fame solution
  • We need a new, better, actually useful CertifiedToRock
  • Community issues management solution (distro?!)
  • Contributors' points earning scheme
  • Contributors visibility scheme
  • Multimedia streaming, File Management, Automation - #CoMaSP
  • (...)

Languages for multi-lingual main content (all * web sites / communities):
(PS. not necessarily for forum posts; that depends on volume, and will start out in English.)

  • English (default)
  • Spanish
  • Catalan
  • German
  • "Scandinavian"
  • Chinese