Roadmap for

Drupalcity illustration by the community (ref. - I think...)

Keywords for further elaboration:
(Post status: [unfinished.public.draft])

(Update August 2016: see also the About page.)

  • Collaboration with the community for basing these distros on their friendly Drupal fork
  • Initial selection of main 150+ components: perspective for our (first) Distribution release
  • Scope / Goals / Guidelines for Distributions / Deployment (Multi-Distro components)
  • Establish workgroups for #CoMaSP (Content Management Structure Planning) (outline/define goals/scope)
  • Bounty Management solution outline
  • Contributors "userpoints" scheme - outline for initial discussion
  • Post tasks lists for contributors to pick from
  • Initial userpoints scheme and evaluation policy for rewarding tasks completion as alternative to paid membership
  • Initial requirements for discussion about Community Issues Administration distribution (modeled on and built using BackDropCMS?!)
  • The (coming) Community Issues Administration distribution will be one of our managed Distributions (can this be made as a generic ticket system platform?)
  • Define how exactly we (incl. will relate to / /, (communicate, contribute verified, quality-controlled content, documentation, patches, modules, etc.)
  • Discuss options/alternatives for a Drupal Association-controlled new CertifiedToRock rating solution which we will build our userpoints scheme on top of, hopefully.
  • Dialogue curation scheme (discussion/perspectives)

Basically we want to take all possible discussions openly at ("D.o.") but we will also have internal discussions that needs to be communicated out to D.O. regularly.
Most discussions will be initiated with scope and introduction at D.o. However, as we will have high demands for structured, serious discussion with suitable tools to facilitate voting and decision-making, we will need to use features for that. This aims to become a business-level, premium community with memberships that are either paid through regular money or by earning points by various contribution types such as constructive community participation (postings), completing tasks from our (coming) tasks list(s), etc..

Any feedback on these issues are most welcome. Use the contact form :-)