Top 2000 Drupal Projects per May 3, 2015 ( usage statistics)

This list is a reference for comparison with the components we are going to / considering to support in the 10-year LTS.

PS. This list is as-is from See a separate post / page here for our selections and considerations (coming).
Notice that the statistics are only referring the reported installs.
There are many sites that does not report their usage statistics, and thus are not included in this official statistics.


Content cat :-)

Updated: August 2016
Content cat has been in a planning phase for a while, and has had a slight re-organisation for the involved communities structure.
The initial idea is still the same, but it makes a bit more sense to focus the root (www) of this web site for Content Management itself, and not for the CM(S) framework we need for professional Content Management.

This means that the maintenance community for our Drupal 7.x LTS "distribution(s)" will be hosted at a subdomain over at "", and the coming community here at the root of (www.) will focus on Content Management. We will cover Content Management for both Drupal 7.x (BackDropCMS as base), and WordPress 4.x.